Why Data is important and its Scope

Big Data, Data Science, Data Analysis, and visualization, Data is very important and Future belongs to Data these are the slangs, you have to come across nowadays. If you have any connection to IT directly or indirectly.

The first thing that will come to your mind why everyone is talking about Data is so important even some people say the Future of IT belongs to Data. Human nature when he/she listen to something he starts thinking about it.

Now first of all we define what is Data? ‘’Data is information stored, it can be in any form like text documents, facts, numeric values, and images, etc’’.

Let me clear one thing Data is not only important in the IT field. It can be useful in all aspects of life.

Few important fields are following,

· Marketing

· Health

· E-commerce

· Cybersecurity

· Agriculture

Now we can put some light on the Marketing department how it can get an advantage from Data. I’ll try to explain it with an example. There are a clothing brand and brand that want to launch the coming summer collection. Before choosing his designs if it’ll do its research on previous years’ sales of different brands. If the brand has Data of different brands it will be easy to decide which article got maximum sales and which one got minimum sales. So, it will be easy for a brand to decide its upcoming articles according to sales in each region.

Big Data

I hope till now you have been understood about Data and it’s importance. Now, we can move on to Big Data term. Big Data can be defined as we know like the use of technology is increasing the size of Data is automatically increasing day by day. “According to a research size of Data, globally would be 175 Zettabytes by 2025”. The world is thinking, how can we tackle Big Data. About the pros and cons of Big Data, We’ll discuss in the next article.

Data Science

Data Science is a prediction and decision based on finding patterns from Raw Data by using different algorithms, tools, and Machine learning. The use of Machine learning is to find patterns and making predictions. When you have to deal with Data you’ll find that mostly Data we find will be in unstructured form. So, Deal with that huge amount of unstructured data is an art of Data Science.

Data Analysis and Visualization

As we have discussed above that we have Data that is a huge amount and most of them are unstructured and raw form. Now, you’ll be thinking about how can we use this useless data for prediction, pattern finding, and market research, etc. The solution for this Baffle the term Data Analysis and Visualization is available and it can be defined as “ To turn dirty data into information” and we can find relationships and trends between different types of Data. Now, to engage stakeholders and Non-technical with the help of Data visualization we can explain by representing different charts and reports.

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