The Best destination in Pakistan for traveling.

Being a traveler everyone will ask about your favorite destination, and the same was for my position. When I started my tours. I was confused about this question until I decided on my next destination Kashmir.

Yeah, there are two parts of Kashmir one is the disputed (Jammu Kashmir) on another one about which I am talking is Azad Kashmir and it is part of Pakistan. The capital city of Kashmir is Muzaffarabad and you can access it from Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) in three hours. In Muzaffarabad, you can find Five, four, three, two, and One-star hotels to stay in easily. For tourism attraction, you can go to Pir Chinasi.

It is located on the top of the hills. The height of this top is almost 2900 meters and 9500 feet from the sea level. It has the best road to access. There is an Air force Radar system here and a shrine of holy personality. The view from top to city is just mesmerizing. In winter there will be snow here but in summer the weather will be pleasant. It is just an hour’s drive from Muzaffarabad city. In the mid of your way to this point, you can see the Stadium and the location of the stadium is one of the best locations in the world as there will be green mountains around you and you are playing or watching your favorite game. I think it will give you the best experience of your life if you are a sportsperson. There is paragliding for adventure from Pir Chinasi, to Airport of Muzaffarabad. For it, you have to book your slot on phone. I didn’t try this because I had a shortage of a budget at that time (Sad react) but it’s on my list and will do in my upcoming tour.

When you’ll reach Deewarian from Muzaffarabad after a hectic drive and you see a signboard of RATTI GALI(Ratti is a local word which means is Red because this lake is located in the Red Mountains) 18 km. It will give you a new life and excitement. But it will be for a few moments. As you start your further journey on Jeep and it gives you free and automatically jumping as your head will start striking on the roof and bump on seat *Wink*. After almost 3 hours drive you’ll be at Base camp. The views and beauty of the journey are just astronomical. The river will be on your left Huge green trees around you waterfall, dust, Glaciers, and purple flowers will be your companion. At night temperature will be around 0 degrees or might be negative at base camps. There is no hotel you have to stay in camps with the sound of waterfalls. From Basecamp you can access the lake by horses or through hiking. When the lake will give you its first look first thing will come to your mind is “Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?”

“Mini Ratti Gali Lake”
“Ratti Gali Lake”

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