Whenever you’ll start a conversation about Kashmir in any group. You’ll hear the particular and frequent phrase Paradise on Earth. Now, there will be a seek in your mind why? What place of Kashmir can be a Paradise? Let me share my experience. The first place that tempts me of Kashmir is Arang Kel. I can assert that If you are reaching after listening to this phrase paradise on earth, thus you should turn your vehicle towards Arang Kel.

Arang Kel is a Village in Neelam Valley on the hilltop of Kel. It will take almost 8 and a half hours from Muzaffarabad. During your way, you can cover almost all tourist destinations of Kashmir like Pir Chinasi, Dhani waterfall, Kundal Shahi waterfall, Ratti Gali Lake, Baboon Valley, and Karen. When you will reach Kel. There will be Kel Bazar here you can take a cup of tea and for lunch. There are few hotels for the night stay. …

Why Data is important and its Scope

Big Data, Data Science, Data Analysis, and visualization, Data is very important and Future belongs to Data these are the slangs, you have to come across nowadays. If you have any connection to IT directly or indirectly.

The first thing that will come to your mind why everyone is talking about Data is so important even some people say the Future of IT belongs to Data. Human nature when he/she listen to something he starts thinking about it.

Now first of all we define what is Data? ‘’Data is information stored, it can be in any form like text documents, facts, numeric values, and images, etc’’. …

Being a traveler everyone will ask about your favorite destination, and the same was for my position. When I started my tours. I was confused about this question until I decided on my next destination Kashmir.

Yeah, there are two parts of Kashmir one is the disputed (Jammu Kashmir) on another one about which I am talking is Azad Kashmir and it is part of Pakistan. The capital city of Kashmir is Muzaffarabad and you can access it from Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) in three hours. In Muzaffarabad, you can find Five, four, three, two, and One-star hotels to stay in easily. …


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